Retail Stock Replenishment Associate

Job Description:
Often times, people think that all retail positions are the same and for the most part, they may be right! But when it comes to the merchandise we sell, the people that work for us and the scheduling flexibility we offer, we are definitely different! Our stores are very entrepreneurial and we have a unique approach to customer service, we are TRULY a retail phenomenon.
As an Inventory Control Specialist, you will be responsible for exceeding our customers' evolving expectations by providing "best in class" customer service and a pleasant and fulfilling shopping experience.
Successful candidates will be given the opportunity to offer our customers the widest range of quality housewares, home furnishings and much more! We offer associate discounts, flexible schedules, ongoing training, and the potential for advancement.
The Stock Replenishment Associate oversees the locating, pulling, filling, and organization of products located in non-selling areas of the store.
The Stock Replenishment Associate performs a wide variety of tasks ranging from pulling product from their non-selling location, , climbing ladders to pull and then fill product in selling areas, as well as, ensuring that non-selling areas are maintained and organized to company standards.
The Stock Replenishment Associate must be able to move through multiple tasks during their shift while providing a high level of customer service and achieving sales goals.
Key Responsibilities: - Retrieve and prepare merchandise for stocking, separate and organize product for accurate filling of selling areas, work to bring down and fill product in selling areas, as well as, assist with product put way with freight team if required.
- Communicate opportunities with accuracy of stocking areas, and be able to efficiently organize these areas to company standards.
- Ensure non-selling and selling areas used to store product are maintained to company standards consistently as it pertains to product separation, inventory control, and departmental organization.
- Be able to lift, push, pull, or carry up to 50lbs.
- Use ladders on a consistent basis throughout each shift.
- Execute activities related to store initiatives to offer customers additional products and services (e.
, special sale items, credit card applications) o Maintain a clean and safe work area and exhibit safe work practices at all times o Perform additional, sometimes specialized duties as required by business needs including, but not limited to, stocking, freight processing, fulfillment, and price changes and cart retrieval Education/Experience/Qualifications: o High School diploma or equivalent desired o 2+ years of retail experience desired o Effective communication and customer service skills o Readily adjusts schedule, tasks, and priorities when necessary to meet business needs

Don't Be Fooled

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